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Top Tips When Selling Your Car

Here are a few helpful tips that you can consider when selling your car. When you’re ready to sell, contact I Buy Cars Today to help you get the most value!

Prepare Your Car Information – Gather your car’s inspection records, prepare itemized copies (with service receipts) for prospective buyers. This assures potential buyers that you’ve kept up the car’s maintenance and that you’re selling a reliable vehicle. Regular oil changes is a great indication of good upkeep, especially if you changed your oil every 3,000-8,000 miles, in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Make a copy of your vehicle title in preparation for a sale.

Apart from the basic car info on year, make, model, current mileage, you’ll also need to know your car’s style (i.e. not just a 2015 Toyota RAV4, but a 2015 Toyota RAV 4 XLE) and other optional features like navigation system, keyless entry, etc. These can potentially increase your car’s resale value so it’s important to have the full details. It helps to keep and check your original sales documents or the window sticker when it’s time to sell.

Clean Your Vehicle Thoroughly – This includes washing and waxing the exterior, removing all clutter in the car and trunk, vacuuming and wiping down all interior surfaces, and cleaning all the windows. You may consider having it detailed by a professional to save you time. Don’t forget to also replace burnt-out lights or fuses and top off all fluids.

Decide Between Selling or Trading In – Selling and trading-in your car both have pros and cons. Trading-in is faster, there’s no costs for listing and selling and you don’t have to field calls/emails from prospective buyers. But it also yields less than if you were to sell that car yourself. Selling the car yourself allows you to negotiate directly with buyers, get a little bit more value and avoid any dealer overhead costs. But we have a third option, which is to contact I Buy Cars Today. With us, you can sell your car in three easy steps. Plus, our offers usually fall between a typical big-box dealership's trade-in value and higher offer you'd get if you sold your vehicle through a private party transaction, but without the hassle!

Want to learn more? Visit our HOW IT WORKS FAQ webpage for details about how it works, appraisal value, required documents and other details.

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