• The Heavy Cost Of Not Maintaining Your Car

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The Heavy Cost of Not Maintaining Your Car

Regular car maintenance such as oil changes, tire care and brake servicing can save you money in the long run when done regularly.

It might seem costly now, especially after seeing the cost estimate from your mechanic but the longer you put off regular car maintenance, the more costly it will be in the long run.

An oil change helps keep your engine running smoothly and prevents overheating so it’s important to follow your vehicle’s recommended oil change schedule. During the regular course of driving your car, the oil breaks down and is exposed to contaminants, which reduces its lubricating and cooling properties. Different cars have different oil change intervals, but the effective use span of engine oil is usually about 3,000 to 6,000 miles.

Another important part to maintain are your brakes, one of the most important safety systems in your car.
Brake pads are usually the first item that needs to be replaced. The pads wear down as they press against the brake rotor regularly. Wear and tear depend on usage but generally brake pads last between 25,000 to 70,000 miles.

Another component to check on are your brake rotors. If you feel a shaking or pulsating sensation when you push the brake pedal, that may be a sign of warped rotors, which can reduce your car’s control and ability to stop.
One other item in your car that needs regular attention are your tires. Tires continually wear down as they roll but the frequency would depend on your vehicle and type of tires, as well as where and how you drive. To keep your tires working, it’s important to regularly check that they are properly inflated and are wearing evenly. Underinflated tires can wear down faster and decrease your car’s acceleration and handling and may also negatively impact fuel efficiency.

Remember to keep these major car components in good condition and when you are ready to sell your car, please visit our
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