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Safety Tips When Selling Your Car

Whether you are thinking of selling your car directly or considering the services of I Buy Cars Today, take note of these safety reminders to help protect yourself when selling your car.

Protect Your Personal Information - Before you hand over your car’s service records to any buyer, be sure to block out any visible credit card numbers, phone numbers, address or any other personal information that they may not be privy to. This helps protect you from identity theft in case your info gets into the wrong hands.

Get Driver’s Info Before Starting A Test Drive– It’s always a safe measure to check the buyer’s driver’s license before starting the test drive. Take a picture of their license or jot down the number in case something happens, such as for insurance purposes if there is an accident during the test drive.

Also, before starting a test drive of your vehicle, check with your insurance carrier and see if you are covered in the event of an accident if someone else is driving.

Meeting Place
Once a buyer is interested in buying your car and you’ve settled on a price, it’s best to meet them at their bank or credit union to complete the transaction.

Don’t agree to any usual requests such as driving the buyer to another location under the guise of them needing to getting money to pay for the sale. Instead, tell the buyer to make his arrangements on his own, leave a deposit payment and call you back when they are ready to finish the sale.

If you are meeting them for a test drive at your home, conduct all transactions outside instead of letting the buyer into your place. Have all your paperwork ready before the test drive and keep your car’s title, unsigned and out of sight until the sale is finalized and you have received full payment.

Keep Your Paperwork
- It’s always a good idea to maintain a paper trail when selling your car. While the dealership may handle your paperwork for you, if selling the car yourself, it is your responsibility to ensure the transfer is done properly.

Make sure your note the odometer reading accurately. Once you sign off on the title, the odometer reading provides proof that the car is no longer legally yours. Don’t round up the numbers, just in case the buyer gets into an accident a few miles of the sale, the odometer reading will determine that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle.

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