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Safety Tips to Protect Yourself from Scams When Selling Your Car

Below are a few tips on how to recognize and protect yourself from scammers when selling your car.

Get your buyer’s background info – Before you agree to meet any potential car buyers, try to get to some basic background information such as if they live locally, are they willing to meet in person and how they plan to pay for the car.

Select a public meeting place Do not agree to any usual requests such as driving the buyer to another location under the guise of them needing to getting money to pay for the sale. Instead, tell the buyer to make his arrangements on his own, leave a deposit payment and call you back when they are ready to finish the sale.

Test drive safety - If you are meeting them for a test drive at your home, conduct all transactions outside instead of letting the buyer into your place. Have all your paperwork ready before the test drive and keep your car’s title, unsigned and out of sight until the sale is finalized and you have received full payment.

Don’t take checks
– Checks are easy to forge so cash is often the best form of payment when selling your car to a private buyer. Once a buyer is interested in buying your car and you’ve settled on a price, it’s best to meet them at their bank or credit union to complete the transaction.

If the buyer wants to pay via a check, insist on a cashier’s check. Look up the bank listed on the cashier’s check online and call to confirm that the payment is legitimate. Don’t use the number printed on the check, as that could be a part of the scam.

Don’t fall for sob stories – When trying to sell your car, keep things professional and try to remain unemotional through the process. Scammers may try to play off your emotions by sharing a sad story of their circumstances and why they need to buy a car. Don’t be swayed and keep the transaction professional, remember that this is a business transaction. Don’t transfer any of your documentation until after you’ve received payment from the car sale.

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