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How to Prepare Your Car for A Test Drive

Test drives are a normal part of the car selling (and buying) process. It helps the potential buyer determine how the car drives before the sale. For I Buy Cars Today, we do a test drive to check for things like the brakes and steering and is a way for us to determine your car’s value. Here are a few ways you can for a test drive.

Clean Your Car – Consider your car an extension of your home. Make sure it is tidy, vacuum the floor, clean the surfaces and wipe the windows. You may also want to remove large items like a child seat so the buyer can see the inside of the car.

Ride Along – It’s best to accompany the prospective buyer on the test drive. This is a great way to answer any of their questions about the vehicle such as gas mileage, tires, steering feel or any other details.

Check Your Insurance – Before starting a test drive of your vehicle, check with your insurance carrier and see if you are covered in the event of an accident if someone else is driving.

Get Driver’s Info – It’s always a safe measure to check the buyer’s driver’s license before starting the test drive. Take a picture of their license or jot down the number in case something happens, such as for insurance purposes if there is an accident during the test drive.

Anticipate Questions - If your car has a few unique features, make sure you can answer their questions such as what certain buttons do. If you made any modifications to your car, make sure you are able to answer why those changes were made and how they benefit the car and add value to it.

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