• How To Give Your Car "Curb Appeal" When Selling

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    How To Give Your Car "Curb Appeal" When Selling

    When selling your car, here are a few tips to enhance your vehicle’s “curb appeal”. Once you are ready to sell, contact us today!

  • Take care of all routine maintenance and servicing before putting it up for sale. Have all your maintenance records as well.
  • Thoroughly clean your vehicle or have it detailed if you have the time.
  • Check to make sure your car is both mechanically sound and free of any dents, dings and scrapes.
  • Rather than selling as is, consider if it’s worth making a few low-cost repairs yourself.
  • Clean the windows thoroughly as well as all the mirrored surfaces.
  • Wipe the brake dust off the wheel covers and treat the tires with a tire gloss product.

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    HOW IT WORKS FAQ webpage for details about we can help make your car selling experience as simple and easy as possible.

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