• How To Decide Between Trading In Your Car or Selling It

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How to Decide Between Trading in Your Car or Selling It

When it comes to getting rid of your old vehicle, you may be deciding to either trade it in or sell it yourself.

There are many benefits to trading in your old car, including, most notably, how easy it is. By bringing your car in to the dealership, the car dealer makes you an offer, and you put that money toward buying your new car. And there’re very little paperwork since the dealer takes care of all that.

But while it’s convenient,
one major disadvantage to trading in your old car is that you don’t get the most money that you can receive. Because the dealer still needs to make money on the car, they probably won’t give you retail value for it, so while you avoid the hassle of selling your car by trading it in, you could be leaving some money on the table.

Selling your car yourself on the other hand, will most likely to get more money for your car. That’s because the buyer will end up using the vehicle themselves so they don’t need to mark it up like a dealer will.

But selling a car on your own isn’t always easy. There is a lot more legwork involved such as posting an ad for your car, meeting potential buyers, going on test drives and dealing with banks and finance companies on your own

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If you are ready to sell your car, please visit our
HOW IT WORKS FAQ webpage for details about how it works, appraisal value, required documents and other details.
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