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Get Your Car Ready for Sale

Here are a few ways you can prepare your car for resale to ensure maximum value.

Check or Replace Tires— To get a sense of overall wear and tear, buyers may look at your car’s tires. If your treads are worn or uneven, it may be best to replace them with matching used tires.

Perform an Oil Change
- Even if it isn’t due for a few thousand miles, it’s best to perform an oil change on a car you’re planning to sell so that potential buyers will see clean oil in the engine if they decide to check. Keep a receipt of the oil change to prove maintenance was completed.

Flush Engine coolant - Clean your car’s engine coolant or antifreeze especially if it is more than three years old. Most engine coolant has a replacement interval of 5 years but it can appear dirty much sooner than that.

Check Your Brakes - If you’re selling a luxury vehicle, new brakes are worth to replace. For non-luxury vehicles, you may need to deduct $100-150 from your asking price depending on your vehicle.

Change Your brake fluid
- Fresh, clean brake fluid looks honey-colored and also gives the appearance that you’ve cared for your vehicle.

Fix cosmetic issues - Check your vehicle for damage, dents, dings or scratches. Also replace any burnt-out lights or fuses and top off all fluid levels.

Have a Professional Mechanic Check Your Car – To avoid any potential surprises, it may help to have your mechanic look through your vehicle to make sure it’s in good resale form

Once you are ready to sell your car, just fill out our quote request form, and we will make you an offer that the dealership won't beat. Once we receive your inquiry, we will be in touch with you as soon as we can, and we'll make you a prompt offer.
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